My boyfriend accidentally admitted other girls are more beautiful?

Hey, I'm new here :)
I'm a bit depressed because today I was talking to my boyfriend (we want to get married), and he'd always tell me how beautiful I am and that he sees me as the most beautiful girl ever. Today, however, he accidentally said "I dont want girls to be with other girls even if they are more beautiful than you.. uhh... not that there are any more beautiful than you"
I didn't say anything but I want to just bring it up to him. People compliment me and say I'm really pretty and I know there are many more prettier girls than me, but now my self confidence has plummeted and I hardly have any! If he truly loves me wouldn't he really think that I am the most beautiful to him in terms of looks and personality? He himself is not very handsome but I find him the best and sexiest guy.
I'm really upset. I know I'm ugly and other girls dress up better and are better than me.
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So you guys think it's compleely normal if he said that? He still finds me beautiful, right? By looks and personality? And I don't daydream about other guys and I am very much attracted to him. When I said he isn't the most handsome, I meant to other people, to me he is
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And you guys are saying stuff like you're not the most beautiful. I never thought that, dont think that nor ever will. I have already mentioned how I suffer from inferiority complex lol
My boyfriend accidentally admitted other girls are more beautiful?
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