Iam having a problem getting a girlfriend any solution?

Let start by saying that iam a 21 years old college student, iam tall and dress nice and style my hair and always make sure to be clean and smell nice, girls stare at me often, hold eye contact, check me out, i have been told countless times by different women younger and older that iam really good looking, cool and funny, in all honesty i am not the kind that cold approaches girls, i did though talk to plenty of girls easily over 20 since college started, all younger than me and showed a lot of attention.

I have noticed that almost every girl i think is attractive and have an interest in ends up taken, and its not really one sided its obvious from the looks, stares, moves... etc that there is interest on the other side as well, i had a lot of average looking and less than average looking girls have an interest in me but i have never pursued any of them simply cause i am not physically drawn to them, i want a good personality too but i can't date a a girl i dont find pretty enough to make me stick around...

i dont like to date for fun, i dont approach every girl that crosses my path, i want one girl i can love who loves me , but it seems super hard, everytime i find an opening or a girl that is interested and giving me signs she ends up taken, iam nto sure what to do anymore...


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  • Are you funny? Can you make a girl smile? It's the pathway to her heart! There is no bigger sin in dating than being boring!

  • I never had a real boyfriend because most guys don't date anymore


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