What is up with this?

okay, so there's a girl in my class. I always see her look at me, and so I thought she liked me. The first month I met her she would sheepishly wave at me, and smile. When I would talk to her the conversations were hard as though she sometimes finds it hard to talk to me. One day she was in the halls, skipping class, and I asked what she was doing. She said she was going to a thing, and I asked if she would wait so I could come. She said she couldn't because people were already waiting for her. Another time, like 2 weeks ago, we were talking about pingpong, and how she is really good. So I asked if she wanted to play sometime. She said she is free anytime I want. So I asked for that night she said okay, but she never showed! Next day at class I asked her what happened, and she said she was buying a car with her friends. I didn't press on it any further, and she didn't have anyway to contact me for cancelation. I took it as a rejection, and moved on. Now I still her catching glances at me in class, and when I look at her she quickly moves her eyes away. I don't know what her deal is can someone help me?
What is up with this?
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