Girl in long distance relationshit?

I met this girl through mutual friends at a bar. we had very few drinks.

we were really connecting fast. it was just so easy talking to her. laughing and what not.

we kind of start fooling around feeling each other up. and then she hits me with the "I have a boyfriend" line... like what the fuuuck. I acted like it was no thing. if you're fooling around with me, your relationship isn't that strong to begin with, so I just kept going with it.

she told me 3 separate times during the night that she's happy in her relationship. she loves him. blah blah. I asked her "well where is your boyfriend now?" he's off at collage like 4 hours away. so I said, "I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere. I finished collage. I like you and would love to see where this goes, but I guess that's up to you... "

Should I hold out for a bit and just be friendly or do I just forget it all happened? a lot happened that night, just way to much to write. but I fucking really like this girl lol.

Why do you girls all gotta be in relationships lol đŸ˜¤đŸ˜§

I wasn't just being a jackass forcing myself on her either. She was coming on to me all night


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  • You should forget it ever happened. She is with someone else. All she was looking for was harmless flirting.

    • I'd think that too if she didn't tell me the next day she felt something with me...

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    • I am sorry about your negative experience, but not all women are like that. Not all men are assholes as well.

    • Oh you're so neutral... hahaha thanks :)

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  • relationSHITđŸ˜‚
    Long distance sucks, but dont intervene with her relationship bro, get her to back off because that poor guy is hoping that some dickhead won't make her cheat on him. Let it go, keep her as a friend and ONLY as a friend until further notice