Can anyone explain my boyfriends behavior? Is he cheating?

So me and boyfriend haven't been dating for very long, only about 4 months, but he's always seemed like he was crazy about me. But lately he's been blowing off plans to see me and dissipearing, but at the same time he's become extremely clingy and insecure, freaking out if I go half a day without texting him first and agonizing over every little word I say and questioning whether I'm losing interest.

Could he be cheating? I wanted to go slow, which he's has completely respected so we haven't done more than kiss yet. In fact he's never even tried. Does is sound like he has a side girl?

Also, when I ask him directly about it he just denies competely that he's been blowing me off.


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  • Why jump to "he must be cheating"? That's silly. Guys act differently like that when they're dealing with something emotionally or mentally straining. He is obviously dealing with something so just tell him you've noticed a change in his behaviour and if he is dealing with something he can talk to you about if he wants. Don't be paranoid. Accusing him of cheating won't go down well and you also need to reflect on why that was your first thought? Trust issues? Insecurity issues? Try to address that before suspecting any guy you date of cheating when he acts at-all differently.

    • Great answer! I just wanted to add they really haven't become full dating partners either, relationship is going too slow and he may be frustrated by that he is ready to take things to the next level and she isn't.

    • @truthbeknown Whatever it, behavioral changes in men doesn't automatically mean cheating, and when a woman suspects a guy from cheating she needs to acknowledge her own prejudices about why she thinks that (short of catching him in the act).

  • 4 months and nothing more then a kiss? are you on purity ring or something? If not, then you're going at turtle pace. which is really not that good at this stage. Four months is a fairly long period, do you like it or not, you're supposed to have a pretty good idea of each other as a person and as a human. I'd be worried if after 4 months all the gay wanted was a kiss! It's nearly Christmas, is he talking about spending it with you? has he at least hinted on wanting a future with you? or are you guys dating to break up, in which case your no-sex policy is getting you super close to the goal. he might or might now have an affair, but then again, it's not an affair if one of you isn't satisfied in a "relationship" that's just 4 months old, it's a choice. And of course he feels that you're loosing interest! Men are interesting creatures in that aspect, you have to have just right balance between "i really really want you" and "oh no, not today!". you seem to give him more noes then yeses. If you don't want to show physical interest then show emotional one, talk to him, discuss what he wants to discuss. Don't pull away and start showing that you care. And if he has someone else (which doesn't sound like it, but if is - good for him) then it's only 4 months.