Are there certain traits emotionally unavailable men are attracted to?

All the men I attract are emotionally unavailable or I find out their players. I'm starting to think it's me and I'm attracting only them. Any thoughts?


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  • It's possible mabye you should be straight forward with what you want even if it does scare them off and any guy worth it will stay

  • How and where do you meet these guys? That is usually part of the reason. And how soon are you willing to have sex with them?

    • Well i usually meet them in class, work, movie sets, rehearsals, bars, parries. I'm not easy. I try to get to know the guy and I get games, friend zone (I've been referred to one of the guys by many of my friends) or they date me and then tell me they aren't emotionally available. I'm not approached very often.

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    • Thank you for the advise. I'll for sure start doing that.

    • No problem. I hope you find someone great!

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