Does he miss me or just trying to be nice?

My ex-broke up with me about a month ago. He called me a slut and whore but I accepted him and forgave him (ik you probably thinking I'm stupid) . But he apologized in a proper way. But this isn't the reason he broke up. Of course, I'm still very hurt because when he broke up with me and called me names and said he hated my soul. His friends were supporting the idea that I should be dead. I rushed too quickly into another relationship (about 2 weeks after NO IM NOT A SLUT, HOE, OR A WHORE) The only reason I got into another relationship is because i was insecure of the things he told me and I needed someone to pick up my broken pieces. My friend told my ex I was dating somebody and my ex if i was happy. I'm not sure what this means... I thought he was going to call me like a slut or something again. So.. I'm confused is he trying to be nice or just miss me?
Does he miss me or just trying to be nice?
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