Can I appreciate a girl without loving her?

I used to be in love with a girl, and that is the only time I felt that way about anyone. Whenever I'm attracted to a girl, it's just that- physical. Sexual. Nothing more. It seems it has come to a point where I have a harder time truly appreciating them as a person, and that the only way I know of is being in love (which is rather far-fetched).

Now, there's this girl that I do like- and I'm DEFINITELY sexually attracted to her- HOWEVER, she's also really... as cheesy as it sounds, she's pretty much an angel. Yeah, I fucking said. She's very nice, proper and girly. She's qualities I had no idea I appreciated so. Since I know I felt rather sexual for her first, I feel like I am not appreciating her for what she is, but I want to.


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  • Been there bro. Sexual attraction is the first step. Love typically goes like this:

    Sexual attraction

    You are appreciating her for what she is. She is also her body. Her body is part of who she is. Desiring it is pretty much a mandatory thing for love.

    • For normal people, it does. Sexual attraction isn't the same as the kind of attraction that you get when you genuinely appreciate a girl at first sight. Otherwise, itd be much easier.

  • its fun to have sex with a girl with no strings

    • Yeah, when the only thing you care about is basically her body.