Can giving up sex make a relationship stronger?

Needless to say this is going to be really hard for me because it's really good right now.

My girlfriend has suggested we stop having sex. Our relationship was pretty much started by sexual attraction which led to us dating, and we've been together a few years now.

Our communication could use some work, I think less sex may improve that.

I guess I'm just asking has anyone been in a similar situation? Does it work? Does anything get better? Could anything potentially get worse?

It's supposed to e a temporary thing


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  • ... that's an... interesting... theory you two have going...

    • I mean its a temporary thing. Forgot to mention that. Sounds like a no from you

  • It could work, it could not. It's all how you see it. How much were you guys having sex in one week?

    • After a few years when things calmed down probably every other week. But now we're distance so when we're together every, but she's been slowing down on the whole being ready stuff

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