No chemistry over the phone? Met this guy online, during chat we hit it off so well and enjoy each other but on the phone there is no chemistry?

Has that every happened to anyone before? What does it mean? Should we stop talking because of this?


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  • Sometimes on the phone, especially being on the phone talking with someone for the first time it's hard to judge chemistry & it can be very awkward.

    I can't guarantee it'll get better & chemistry is important obviously, but don't give up yet.

    • What about the second time lol :) the first time wasn't too difficult. I just almost never have trouble talking over the phone with someone, this second time was like pulling teeth

    • I mean sure it's possible, it just should probably get better over time. Any chance you guys can meet? That's when you can usually tell easier if there's chemistry there or not.

    • Maybe in a couple months... so I guess should just limit or stop contact until we can (if we ever do) meet... so weird lol I have never experienced this before, technology is interesting! :)

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  • I would at least try going out for lunch or dinner or hang out. Some people just aren't phone talkers and it depends on how much you've talked online. Maybe you guys have run out of stuff to say so the only option left is to meet up.

    • It's just so weird, it has never happened to me before as I usually love talking on the phone. It felt so forced yet we talk through text so great. I am not sure if I want to meet up if it is so stressful but maybe you are right, thank you for your help :)

    • Maybe he isn't the phone talker. I've had it happen before. In person we had the greatest time hanging out. He was just terrible over the phone. I'd give it a try at least once to see if there's anything there if you really like him. You're welcome and good luck! 😊