Should I just move on if the phone conversations seem forced? Does that mean he isn't interested at all in me or that it isn't meant to be?

It might be because he worked all day, but he just seemed so laid back and being only the second time talked on the phone it makes me think he is just really not interested in me as a person or more. It is making me just want to move on. Is it normal for a guy to be so wonderful over text and then on the phone there is no chemistry and feels so forced?


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  • How are you two in person? I'm big on the chemistry thing so I know exactly what you're talking about. The conversations with the person I date need to flow pretty easily otherwise I couldn't stand it, but sometimes people just aren't as good talking on the phone. What worries me is you say he's great over text, which tells me he might not do well in person either.

    If you like the guy, I'd hate to tell you to throw it away but if I were in your shoes, I'd probably start thinking that we weren't compatible.

    • We met online, haven't met. He lives across the country so not so sure if going to take it that far to meet him, would as a friend but this phone thing makes me nervous to event think about that. I really do already care for him, who he is as a person, I can't deny that. For my own uncertainties I had tried to kind of cut him off completely the other day. I think maybe I was stressed he would say something about it and he did. He brought it up and I was baffled what to tell him about why I did it, and it was strained. He apologized in a text after, and I told him it was probably me being confusing. We decided to be friends who just keep in touch, maybe will talk to him again. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Have you ever done online dating before? Because I would say that it's extremely common to find someone who is able to be engaging and charming via IMs, emails, and chat but they totally freeze up and are hard to talk to in person or on the phone. I actually think it's great that you haven't met him yet, because I think that there's a high probability that he's one of those types of guys where you'll meet him in person and you'll have trouble having a conversation with him. I remember going out with this girl in college who was like that. She hardly said a word during the whole date but when I got home, I had this email waiting for me from her that gushed about how great the date was and how she couldn't wait to see me again. Yikes!

      Anyway, I think you made a good call. I hope you don't give up on the online dating thing though!

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