Can't tell for the life of me if this girl is interested or not?

Few weeks back I saw an extremely cute girl at a college party. I immediately knew that a she was the same ethnicity as much and approached her with that in mind. I asked her name and got it while she was standing with a few friends. She seemed pretty nonchalant for the most part but I tried to crack jokes and make her smile which worked a bit. She was dressed as an angel and I told her she needs to take a picture with a Devil to end the night. She then got excited and pulled her phone out to show me a picture she took earlier with a Devil. Things were getting wild and her friends wanted to leave so I asked her what her snapchat was and she pulled her phone out again almost immediately and we added each other. Fast forward couple weeks I didn't really think much of it and one day randomly responded to her snapchat story and she responded back. I told her we should party again soon and she just me with a "We'll see lol". Now ever so often I will respond to her stories funny quirks and she responds with short replies like "yea lol". I'm thinking of just pulling the plug and asking her out for some coffee or something but i'm pretty nervous even though its over social media because I'm worried she might say no. I don't know if short replies means not interested or maybe I'm just being too hesitant. Need some girl opinions and whats the cutest way to ask a girl out over snapchat?
Thinking maybe just asking her what she has planned for the weekend and when she responds asking her if she rather drinks juice or coffee? Whichever she chooses then asking her if she wants to meet up and grab some.
Also any girls know some good snapchat ice breakers or funny things to send to a girl you don't know very well. Thanks ladies.


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  • I say be cute and spontaneous. How about something like this..
    Been craving coffee (or some kind of drink or food), how about we go to "name or place"? / how about we grab lunch at...
    This way you'll see how she responds and get the vibe of whether she's interested or not. If she says she's busy or has other plans tell her something like "no worries, think I've reached my limit of caffeine anyways lol" so it shows you're not bummed out or anything.

  • you could go for it but her short and convo stopping replies sound like she's un interested or busy... but you'll never know until you ask.

  • Just invite her to a party she won't feel the pressure of going on a date so she will most likely say yes and you can make your move there


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