The boy I'm dating doesn't reply "no", but just doesn't reply, how can I tell him this is wrong?

If I ask him to do something but he doesn't want to or doesn't have time, he ignores my message. He doesn't tell me like " no I don't have time", he simply doesn't reply, until the next day send me messages. I was angry once when he said "no I can't go today", I was so angry so he begged me to forgive him, I think maybe because of this he dares not to say no anymore, so his strategy now is to ignore me first and reply me the next day.

What should I tell him to reply my message even he can't go? Just to let me know otherwise I will wait him


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  • Stop waiting for him. you're too old to wait for a guy. Besides, you are capable of talking to him, right? why not just bring it up? start calling and stop texting. you are 25+ and you need to learn to value your time.

    • I'm 25 you're 24, you are not much younger lol

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    • Truth is you are a bitch

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