Do you think my boyfriend doesn't like how I look?

I know this is very shallow and dumb. But... read and give me your opinion anyway?

When we first started dating, we were finishing our freshman year of high school. Now, we are both seniors in high school.

I've always been very tall and very skinny, naturally (for example, I am 5'11" and have the same body measurements as VS angels). But other than that I've changed a lot look-wise, it's not that I was ever UGLY, persay.. it's just that I never cared about my appearance. I went to school wearing hoodies and non-formfitting tee-shirts; sweatpants or jeans basically every day. I never wore makeup, because I never got acne or anything.

Now, I am a signed model. I walk the runways of all the fashion weeks (NY, Paris, Milan, Miami swim week, etc.) and do a lot of editorial work. So I get validation elsewhere, and I love how I look! But I want my boyfriend to also.

I know he loves me for me and that's what's MOST important because looks fade... but I want him to think I'm beautiful and breathtaking. Other guys do nowadays, but I know that before we started dating, I was never his type. He liked curvy girls, around 5'6" - not 5'11" like me. He liked cheerleaders, and not nerds like me. He liked the girls with perfect makeup everyday.

He only liked me once he got to know me... Where his past girlfriends he started dating before he really knew them, just because he thought they were attractive. I love that he loves who I am, I love that he loved me before I started modeling. But I doubt he ever felt that attraction for me right off the bat like he did with his exes. And sometimes I doubt if he even does now, because even though I model, that's not the real me... the real me is a nerdy tomboy and he knows that.

Someone please tell me I'm being stupid and overreacting; tell me that it doesn't matter. Or tell me that the "type" you like can change. I don't know. Ugh
Do you think my boyfriend doesn't like how I look?
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