When is it appropriate to ask a guy out on a date?

We've never even talked yet, but assuming I do, and assuming he's interested in me, when is it alright to ask him out on a date?


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  • I do not believe there would be any corrected time and date to ask a guy out.
    The only tip i would give you is to pick up a time where he is not too busy, and not in a bad mood.
    However, the more you wait, the more time you waste. this is great that you would like to approach. many people go through their lives with relationship fantasies. approach, communicate, share your feelings and get your answer and recognize his feelings. this way you become clear with your life which is useful for you.

    • Thanks for the very insightful advice! I have up until this point lived my life with relationship fantasies xD I think I'm ready to go for it

    • You're most welcome. remember, never is too late, never is too old. for any choice or change of direction! i consider your decision a positive one. beside anything else i have stated, sometimes remaining silent forever can cause you a tone of regrets. you never know what's waiting for you till you move forward. you will never your opposite's feelings till you share your own. courage will always have prizes! go for it and wish you every luck :)

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  • There is no correct time or date to ask someone out. Just approach him and ask him out in order to get to know him better.

    • Thanks for the advice! (You make it sound easy xD)

    • Honestly, it is that easy :p

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  • Pretty much anywhere and anytime aside from at his grandmother's funeral or while he's sleeping in his house at midnight.

    • Haha darn it, there goes my plan to break into his room in the middle of the night and ask him out xD Thanks for the opinion! The majority of people appear to believe there's no specific waiting period before you can ask someone out :)

    • Ikr. Some people are just stuck up. "Who are You? What are you doing in my home?" Mmmhm. That's what they all say. Some people have no sense of romance and spontaneity.

      Yep yep. I don't believe there is.

  • Just go ahead and ask him out, its simple like the guys do.

    For time there is no specific criteria.

    • Thanks for the opinion! I'm a little clueless about social norms when it comes to dating :)

  • If you've never met and start talking, I'd give it a month of stable talking before asking to like hang out. Then after hanging out, getting a feel for that person, ask that person out on a date which I'd say another month, or if not just ask him if he wants to go on a date in the same conversation it depends on the guy

    • Thanks for the opinion! A month or two sounds reasonable! (I'm guessing if I went up to a stranger and asked him out on a date that would be creepy :P)

  • Firstly Go and Speak to him... Then just casually call him for homework or something... if he is interested... great... otherwise... just leave it there

    • Haha yes I really should speak to him soon xD Only three days left in the term so I'm running out of time. Thanks for the idea! If all goes well I'll probably ask him if he wants to study for finals together or something cliche like that :P

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