Are hard handshakes a turn off to women?

Yesterday I meet with my classmate outside school and we talked for a while until she said she had to, I was so damn nervous... anyway, I shook her hand I guess too hard because her hand bones cracked and she didn't say nothing but it she looked more rushed after that. Is this a define turn off?


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  • I think your over analysing it a bad hand shake isn't going to be a make or break it situation. One of my pet pevs is a limp hand shake they act like it's dead or something it's weird.

  • All I have to say about this is that I've never met a woman that has even a somewhat firm handshake.

    • We'll, her handshake was normal.. I just think i fucked it up since I made her hand bones crack!

    • I make it a habit to ease up when I shake a woman's hand.