What is the most ridiculous way you've tried to get someone to stop being interested in you?

So I sorta "stole" my best friend's girlfriend at one point. Not really stole. She was her own person and made her own decision. But he didn't understand that and he was like "shes mine". I was like "she's hers." But anyway he was pissed. Ruined our friendship we had since kindergarten.

So next time, guess what. Yes. Again. Another childhood best friend's girl wanted me. So, she came over to my house... by herself. Just to "hang out". Yeah right. So, I was drinking that night. I pretended to be drunker than I was and started fake crying about my best friend talking about how he was my brother and just a bunch of really sad stuff. Just trying to be as pathetic as possible. xD That got her off my dick. She stopped coming over after that. Turns out I couldn't make the right decision in either case.

There was one more too. -__________________-;

He still accused me of fucking her. He remembered that I took the other guy's girlfriend and I think that always stayed in his mind. I'm like, dude you should have just kept your girlfriend interested then. Otherwise she wouldn't have come to me. But fuck him anyway.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?


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  • I told him i am not interested


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