Im still getting depressed over a guy I only dated for 4 months? Is this sad?

We broke up because of distance, however i found i lost myself and wasn't meeting my potential in life. I felt like i put myself on hold while being with him.

Im missing however the fun moments we had. I felt an instant connection with him. I've dated others but can't get over him. I dont want to keep thinking about him but i can't stop, when i do i cry. I dont want to feel weak and vunerable anymore, what can help me get over him. We broke up last year, I've even tried taking him off my socials to help me forget but i just can't seem to shake him off.

Any advice/stories would be greatly appreciated xx


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  • It can take a long time to get over someone regardless how long you dated. I once dating a guy like, 3 weeks if even and I was hung up on him for over a year. It's not sad. It shows you are human and humans get attached. I know this is cliche but time really does heal and you have to be patient. Like you can't rush these things. Experiences and meeting other people and living your life will enable you to move on fully. Till then you gotta push through and keep yourself busy and work on your goals. Stay focused on the things you have control over.

    I have to ask though. if you feel so passionate about him, have you considered getting back to him and maybe making it work? Or are you convinced he's not the right match for you?

    • His not from my country, also he resented me while we dated, i made all the effort, i stopped doing my passion (photography) and he did have a 'party' 'drug' problem. I believe we are both at different times of our lives. Im very mature but also future focused. So i dont think it would he a great think to get back.

    • I see, you made the right decision then honestly. I think you are smart and will look back onto this thankful that it didn't work out.

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  • No, I've been depressed over a guy that was never even mine. That's sad!!

  • Not at all. I was depressed over a guy I've only seen twice!

  • Girlll I'm in the same situation! But me and my ex broke up like a 2 months ago, we also ended cuz of distance. It's been really hard for me to get him out of my mind, but all I can say is just to focus on yourself ( education, health, etc..) and try to keep busy and make plans with your friends or find a new hobby ( I started reading poetry lol) . it really helps me distract myself from thinking about him.

    • Oh and I was dating him for 6 months! So not really a long time.