Girl I liked gone quiet?

So I have been going out with this girl for a couple of months. In beginning got on great she would alway contact, we would go out have fun and stayed the night places no sex as we taking it slow as she had just come out of a long term relationship.

So I recently went on holiday and she stayed at my home to look after my business and pet for me which was amazing. I spoke to her pretty much every day due to the business and we would also text. I kinda noticed she wasn't really texting the same. I turned out she had issues with her ex and the sale of their house. So I put it down to that and told her I was here if she needed me.

She was supposed to stay and extra night upon my return but text during hols to say she couldn't. So upon returning she was a bit cold and we went for dinner and she started to warm up and I gave her present and we had a good time.

The next couple of days were fine but she left her sat nav at mine so I offered to drive to take it to her but she said it was to far to go (4hour round trip) but I was a bit persistent that it was ok so we agreed late that night I had a message saying she wasn't ok with me driving that far just for a sat nav I was in bed so replied in the morning. I said no worries that's cool. I asked if she was ok and she said no she missed her friends and was emotional and didn't want to talk. So I said sorry you're upset I'm here if you need me I will leave have some time. Spoke to her that evening and she was really down so supported her and she went to sleep

the following day text to see if she was ok and got a very short reply and that was it. Since then she hasn't initiated any conversation and has been distant with replies but has replied. She has been active on Facebook but hasn't made an attempt to contact me.

Has she lost interest or is something wrong?

We live 2 hours from each other so don't see each other that often

Im totally confused by this sorry for the long post.

All opinions greatly received


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  • after all and she leave u alone? OMG, u should text to her, u need to a explain from her, be strong


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  • talk to her

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