Thoughts, suggestions, advice? The dating game?

I went on this date with this guy about two weeks ago. had dinner, He likes to get to know someone as friends first and then see if he wants to develop it into something...makes sense to me. we both seemed to have a good time. He dropped me off at home and was like, see ya around. I'm thinking OK, he's not interested.

1 week goes by, surprisingly, I get a text message from him asking me how I am doing? we texted back and forth a bit, then he says if you had a good time last time and feel up to hanging out again soon. I wouldn't be opposed to it "wink". I said yes, that I supposed I could stand to hang out with him again, lol... he replied how he was glad that I wanted to hang out again as he really enjoyed my company and then said that he'd been trying to be cool and wait for me to text him. I told him I didn't text him as I didn't think he was into hanging out again as he played it pretty cool... he said something to the effect of can't show your hand too early in the dating game, hahah. That he isn't a pushy guy.

Then a few days pass and texted a bit, he said he'd call me the Friday night... but didn't. So the weekend passed and I'm like OK, whatever... Texts me the Monday or Tuesday to ask how my weekend was, so I told him how I went on a few dates, did a few errands etc etc. Then I told him that he should take me for drinks as my birthday is coming up, so we decided to go out Friday night... was a lot of fun, he drove me home, didn't try to make a move or anything. When I got out of his car he was like, I had a really good time, enjoyable conversation, would love to see you again... I agreed.

trying to figure out what to make of this all? I'm not one for "dating games" but none of my past dating experiences have worked out too well... thoughts, advice?

lol, turns out he had a girlfriend...


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  • This guy is playing his own game. He probably thinks he's suave and everything is going according to plan. I bet he's doing this to not just you but also to several other women at once! He sounds like a serial internet dater. Watch out for this guy. From what you describe he sounds like a bad guy with bad intentions. I don't trust him!

  • What I tell you? Scumbag!


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