Please help, I'm clueless when it comes to dating. Should I chase after my crush?

I've never dated before and I'm not sure if my crush likes me back. we've only talked once and I was the one to go up to him and say "hi. "
I just don't know if I read too much into his behavior or maybe he's just shy?
I had to dress up for high school but we both have college classes in the mornings. that day I walked past him while he was sitting at a table, I noticed he did a "triple" look at me but maybe there was something on my skirt I didn't see?

I have had other chances to speak to him but he's always sitting down and I don't want to be awkward by sitting next to him and bothering him. His friends are also sometimes always around as well.

Should I just let him come up to me, be the one who starts the conversation again, or just let him go and not bother?


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  • What thing would have the best positive outcome if you did it?

    • That's part of the issue... I don't know... we could become friends and maybe it would lead somewhere

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    • I think I read too much into things. I offered him a candy cane today but he didn't want it. After that he left to go talk to a girl from a different school.

    • You never know: people act according to how they are feeling in that particular moment in time.

      And thanks for selecting my answer :P

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  • I think you should keep talking to him in order to get to know him better.

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