How would you have liked your girl to react in this situation? Do guys wait for girls to make the first move?

I have known this guy for almost three years and we've always liked each other. This past summer we finally started talking but unfortunately he transferred to a different school. We never really discussed what we were, we just kinda went with the flow. We haven't even done anything yet, besides kiss. Later on that summer, I had an internship for a couple of weeks and I have never been a big texter so I would just text him every now and then. Well, one day he didn't answer so I took that as a hint and stopped talking to him completely. Recently his friend told me that he has been asking about me and a couple of days later he texted me saying that he missed me. I missed him too so I thought were rekindling our little relationship. And in the back of my head, correct me if I'm wrong, I dont think a guy would try to rekindle anything with a girl they werent having sex with unless they really liked her. Well, we both have horrible texting habits. Sometimes he will take forever to answer but he is also usually the initiator of conversations. I know it would be a long distance relationship but I honestly can't see myself with any one else and its hard for me to even entertain other guys because I dont want to lead them on because I know I will only have feelings for him. We haven't texted in a week and I dont know what to do. I feel like his messages are dry like he's waiting on me to make a move or something. I want to just call him and express my feelings to him but I dont want to express myself if he's just playing games. Should I just text him how I'm feeling or just call? And if so, how do I even start the converstaion? Could he waiting for me to express myself? Ugh, Im sorry for all the questions but I'm so frustrated lol. Thanks for all the help in advance.



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  • No it depends on what kind of a guy he is for example I would wait for the girl to make the move. There is no harm in calling him and expressing your feelings because you would know his intentions by his reply or reaction if it's face to face conversation!

    • Ok, thanks. I just dont know what all should I say because I dont know where he stands and I'm honestly afraid of expressing myself to him because it has always been a weird situation with us. Im just tired of playing games.

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  • It depends on the guy. I know certain guys like for the female to make the first move as they're quite shy and inexperienced but I wouldn't express myself completely. just tell him you like him and see where that leads you.

    • We've already admitted that to each other a while ago. He just kept saying that he wanted me and everything but I feel like we're still stuck in the same place.