I need your help guys, especially if you're a shy guy?

imma make it short: it took him almost 2 months to ask me out. We went on a really cute first date that lasted for 6 hours. We made it clear we don't wanna seem like a couple yet at the university, but outside the uni we can go out. He says time is what he has very little of, but still spends lots of time with me. The other day me and my friend were gonna go to this Christmas thingy in the city, a romantic place, skating, belgian waffles, everything. And she asked him if he wants to join and she told him that I'd be really happy if he joined, and I didn't know about that untill the second he joined us. My friend left us alone and we were together for 3 hours almost. Anyway, we had fun, but its final exams period and I was gonna ask him out the same day we went out to this thing, but I thought he wouldn't have time cuz of exams. Now I thought i'd ask him if he wants to take a dinner on Saturday cuz there's this important soccer match on that day and more people will join, but im not sure if he might say no!! :( I can't imagine bein rejected. haha, so should I go for it or no? I mean we see each other everyday at the uni, but we just say hey and bye. and he has exam tomorrow, but I think he'll be free on Saturday, and its not even that late.. I dont wanna seem too clingy either, but I love spending time with him.
I need your help guys, especially if you're a shy guy?
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