I dont trust girls enough to approach them, what do you think?

Today i was talking with a friend and telling him about some of the girls i went out with or i messaged for a long while or dated, and i've noticed something, i do attract attractive girls and they show lots of interest in me even after talking to me for weeks they are still interested.

What i realised today is that like 90% of these girls either flaked, acted like they are cheap and easy but demanded i make an effort even though they dont deserve it or were simply taken and talking to me on the side...

i see plenty of hot girls around campus that eye me often and check me out, sometimes its so intense it feels like an invitation to talk to them but then i remember the past and iam like "well another one of those... " , i haven't given up on girls yet but i just lack the trust to approach new girls since they often are either taken or play somekind of attention game...


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  • Its really a risk you gotta take and get past, not every girl is gonna be like that , it could take time to meet a "different" girl but just keep trying and dont be afraid to approach whoever you want

  • then don't. with that kind of attitude you'll never be happy with a girl anyway. You'll always have trust issues if you were to get into a relationship. Ignore all girls.

    • as i said i haven't given up on girls yet but i need something to work with these days such as knowing for a fact she is single, giving up is not the answer but then again girls like you are the reason some guys hate girls, you dont find a solution to the problem you just act in an arrogant manner and shame the other person for actually telling you whats wrong.

    • well then work on your trust issues. Don't blame the other party.

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  • Good practice mate. Women aren't worth the chase. Better to build yourself up as a man and pump and dump. In the long run you'll be happier.

    Reason women are not worth chasing

    1. Alpha Fux/Beta bux - Girl want you to pay full price for the pussy yet Chad got it night 1.

    2. Too many flakes and attention whore

    3. Women don't put much effort into dating/relationship outside of spreading their legs and being nice to you.

    4. Save yourself money you'd be spending on women. You lose money chasing women but you don't lose women chasing money.

    5. In the long run you'll be much happier than the men who end up stuck in relationships (behind those smiles is a miserable bastard).

    • Don't listen to this anonymous coward. His lingo already tells me what kind of "boy" he is.

      If you're shallow, you'll end up meeting shitty people. That's what happens and that happens with girls too. Good things can only happen if you can see beyond the looks

    • @TheDevilInside

      Strong female tactic. Shame guys who try to help men to not end up used and abused by women as boys. Almost like how women shame men who don't want to get married by referring to them as peter pan.

      Rule #1 bro. Women never have your best interest at heart only there own. This is why mothers often screw their sons over by telling them to be perfect gentleman, and nice to girls who often use them for free meals.

      Ah stop assuming he only going after shallow people. Thanks to social media and no accountability the quality of women are too horrible for any man to commit.

      BRB girls can file false rape claim on a whim and land you in jail.

      BRB girls use men for emotional tampons, apps and free meals via dating and then ghost when they've had their fill.

      BRB divorce courts all heavily side with women and men lose most of the time in divorce.

      Have fun with women bro but don't commit to them or play their silly games of always having to approach them/entertain them.

    • Speak in proper English. Not some asshole jargon. I can't even undedrstand half the things you're saying. WTF is BRB? Be right back? You really gonna listen to this misogynist coward, asker? I hope you don't.

      By the way, EVERYONE have only their interest at heart. Men AND women. We are not your mothers.