Have you even dated someone on the rebound, how did it go and what's the story?

Guy I recently dated was still hooked on his ex. To the point where he hid dating me from her because he wanted to get her back. it's all blown up hard. He said he loved us both.. but realize she has a power over him. but I think it's all just crazy.

When I Google all signs or rebounds... it usually goes... the person is not emotionally available doesn't take you out or to meet their people etc.. but he was poring his heart out fall ing head over heals... brought me to meet his family and everything. so it doesn't add up?

Turns out he lied to me about everything though... said he was trying to make me special by telling me he wanted to have a baby with me and marry me. and that's I easy the only one he ever said it to... turns out he told his ex all that to. and they dated for 8 months. .. I dated him for 2. and 2 months single between.


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  • Never be a rebound for someone unless your using them for sex. You need more self respect.

    • Yah it wasn't my effing goal thnx

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  • Sort of. He used to talk about his ex all the time in a negative sort of way. I was always like: "Stop doing that, it makes me feel uncomfortable".
    Also, once when we had a fight, he called me by his ex's name. I couldn't stand that shit and I decided to stop dating him. I am not patient enough for such people.

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