Girls, why do you think so many guys today lack confidence in themselves?

It seems like there's a huge number of guys today who have zero confidence in themselves. I see it in my younger brother and some of his friends, like they don't believe girls will ever want them. It's terrible because confidence means everything to a guy's success in general and with girls in specific.

I'm not the most attractive guy in the world. In fact, I started to go bald right after high school. But I shaved my head, hit the gym, and owned who I was, and I have no trouble getting dates. My current girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous, but she never once thought she was out of my league because I presented myself with pride and confidence in who I was. But then I look around and I see guys who have hair and are honestly better looking than me who complain that they can't get dates. I don't understand why these guys don't give themselves a chance?

So, girls, what do you think are the reasons so many guys lack confidence today?


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  • I don't know, really. I read somewhere that guys have less testosterone today because of chemical exposures. Maybe that's partially to blame. But yeah, I agree, guys need confidence to succeed with girls. My ex was bald and not traditionally handsome, but he had muscle and balls of steel, and that made him incredibly attractive to me. Guys don't need to look like Brad Pitt to get girls. In fact, lots of us find that to be a turnoff.


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  • maybe they didn't have confidence growing up to past abuse, trauma, or just werent shown a lot of encouragenent?

    • That's true of a lot of us, though. I grew up with a drug-addicted mother.

  • Honestly I have no clue. In my opinion it's so much easier to be a guy in the dating world. It doesn't take as much effort to be seen as attractive, the only musts are humor, confidence and of course the standard musts for being a nice person (not homophobic etc)

    • It's much, much harder to be a guy in the dating world. Guys have be physically fit, and well-groomed, and stylish, and funny, and smart, and outgoing, and charming, and fearless, and etc, etc. Girls just have to look good.

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    • @TayTay21 i do, I live in the netherlands, Europe.

    • Okay, that makes sense. The US is very different.

  • Because they are too self conscious, same as girls. Most guys believe they have to be handsome in order to get a girl but the true is that most of the time the girl is ok being the pretty one in the relationship.