Girls, if you find something attractive about a guy does it matter whether or not he dresses or looks a style you prefer?

If you're a girl who prefers a clean cut guy (short hair, little to no facial hair) will you not be interested in a guy with a beard and/or long hair?

or does that not matter?

meaning if you find a guy attractive (say like Jake Gyllenhaal or the dude from Thor) whether they had long hair and/or a beard you would still find them attractive but you'd prefer one style over the other

basically - if you find someone attractive it doesn't matter how he dresses or how long his hair or beard is, he's still appealing to you... agree?

***reason why I'm asking is I'd hate to change my appearance and not have my dating life change for the better.

  • If I'm attracted/uninterested... it doesn't matter what style they do if I'm uninterested - I'm just not interested
  • It's amazing what style change can do - it can make someone go from undatable to total babe
  • It depends how drastic the change is
  • If I like a guy it doesn't matter what style changes he makes (like grow his hair out) I'm still into him
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  • I wasn't sure what to vote, so I went for 'depends how drastic'.

    There's some different sides to it really. If a bloke I already fancy decided to change his look, and go for something I'm not into, I'd probably still fancy him.

    But if I didn't know a bloke, and he had a look that I'm not into already, then I might not notice him in the first place.

    But then again, drastic changes can actually put me off someone, I didn't think it possible, but I used to hugely fancy Jayy Von Monroe when he was skinny,
    but then he bulked up, got muscly and grew facial hair - and I feel bad saying it, but I'm just not attracted to him the way he looks now.

    You should just go for the style you like best, because there will always be some girls who go for that.

    • I'm 27 and I've never really had a girlfriend... I think going with my gut instinct has failed me and I need to try something else.

    • Sorry to hear that. It might not be down to your looks though. Do you ask girls out? Also I think more people are single nowadays, dating is really hard.

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  • I'm attracted to a lot of different styles/hairstyles etc. Some men look amazing with longer hair, others don't. Some look amazing with facial hair, others don't. I've been insanely attracted to a bald man, where as I wouldn't say "bald is my thing" it just depends on the guy, how he comes across and just his overall confidence. I think it's a lot of small things that make up to what makes us attracted to somebody, I wouldn't ever say I would/wouldn't be with someone because they dressed in this type of clothing or wore their hair this certain way. It all just depends on that initial attraction.


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