What gives a guy more bragging rights?

In high school what would give a guy more bragging rights among his friends and other guys?

  • If people found out he slept with his crush
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  • If people found out he slept with the hottest girl at school
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  • If people found out he had sex with the most popular girl at school
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  • If people found out he has had sex with multiple girls
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  • None of the above.

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    • Being that I'm 32 I can assure that there is literally no point to any of things you mentioned in your survey. That being said...

      Which of those four things, if any, did you actually do?
      A) If you tell everybody you humped your crush it will more than likely embarrass her.

      B) If you did it's unlikely it would be a secret.

      C) Once again would more than likely be common knowledge.

      D) Your rumor of having a STD would much easier to believe.

    • Exactly that's why it wouldn't be a secret? I never said it would be a secret if anything it wouldn't be