Girls do you reconize These signs?

So I notice that she stares at me her body is towards me she gives glances plays with her hair and now I notice that her friends stare at me in class its weird why also we were waiting at the door and she was right by me her friends didn't show up just me and her and all she was doing was looking down at the ground looking at her phone she appeared to be nervous Also why would her friends leave her alone with me her friends constantly look at me lol and we were in the computer lab and all of her friends stare at me I was scared could she be interested she is shy when I'm around her she's quiet but even with her friends they don't talk when I'm by lol please help


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  • She really likes you, and her friends are trying to get her to be around you more so you can talk to her yourself. she's definitely too nervous to talk to you first. Try starting a conversation with her, good luck!


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