Am I too manipulative/neurotic/intense?

I dress and look hyper feminine - long hair, vintage dresses, high heels, feminine colours, etc. I typically speak with a soft, girly voice. I am often told that I am beautiful/pretty/hot. Usually I act hyper feminine so men will not act aggressive towards me, compared to the "feminist" type of women who want to be like men.

I love to argue, however. My personality is very intense and I am very, very passionate. I have gotten people in very high positions of authority fired from their jobs even though I am young, and I am very determined. I am so determined some people get the impression that I am heartless - however - when
they actually get to know me, they see that I am more sensitive and soft-hearted than the average person. I hate saying this but I know for a fact there are boys who are scared of me. But usually, men and boys like me at first and fancy me.

I am a traditionalist who likes patriarchy (only if the right men are in charge - not misogyny), and I want to look after a man and get married.

I will admit that I act hyper feminine around certain males so if they try and fuck me over in the career path I am working towards purposefully (it's male dominated), they will be unprepared for how vengeful I become.

My attitude seems to attract a lot of males, however it never really leads anywhere.

Is it because:
Men get sick of my intensity?
Men get sick of my fickleness? (I do become fickle)
They believe I manipulate with my femininity?

Or some other reason?
Am I too manipulative/neurotic/intense?
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