Is something wrong with me?

i am 22 and I've never had any girlfriend is something wrong with me. i mean I'm straight but still I've always been single.


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  • maybe you haven't found the right one yet

  • If you've been single by choice then that's fine, if you feel you've been trying and trying and no one is budging then maybe try other alternatives. I don't think that's bad, the longer your single you get to know yourself and your less likely to pick a stupid girl because you know what you want and what you expect from a woman. So when ever you do date you'll likely be very content


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  • Dear Ken,

    can you tell me how much effort you put into mastering seduction and relationships?

    • i am little shy

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    • As with anything, if you do not try (your hardest), you won't see results. One thing to keep in mind when approaching and talking to a woman, is that you have to present your value. In other words, what are your best qualities, and what do you have to offer to her and the world? If you make your intentions and values obvious to everyone around you, you are bound to attract people. Stand out, speak your mind. Have fun and let others enjoy your company.

      Best regards, lijep pozdrav,

    • I'll try thank you