Should I move on?

I've been in a relationship for about a year now. It started off rather bumpy, but this last summer was amazing. I would see her almost every day, and we would talk on the phone all night. Sometimes we would fool around with each other, it was great. I have a true passion for this girl, I love her to death. I buy her gifts, make her things, write her stories and poems etc. I'm whipped out of my mind. Lately though, she's been a different person. She doesn't want to kiss me, she doesn't always say she loves me back. The most she's ever done for me was bought me some candy and rubbed my shoulders. Though she doesn't do a lot physically, we understand one another quite well and there's definitely a strong connection, but I feel taken advantage of. I've tried to patch things up several times and she's always very apologetic and swears to me she'll do better, but it only lasts a little while. I've already been hurt, but I love this girl. We had a big fight not too long ago, and we sort of broke up out of spite for like, a day or two, but we chalked it down to just being mad at each other and everything was fine. I felt sort of relieved after it had happened, but I would feel lonely and discontent without her. Any suggestions for how to patch things up, or to help me move on?


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  • I believe that for as Long as you Both have Known one another, You are the One, hun, who from the Start... Has the most Love in your own Heart.
    She is sadly Mistaking your Kindness for Weakness Here, dear, and it may Continue to be What I Refer to on Here as a "Full Circle Problem Pattern."
    She may not Love you as a Soul Mate but Loves you as a Person. It Would have to be Your own Decision to either Stay and Make her Possibly Fall Head over Heels with you or Continue down this Path of Playing around with your Feelings, just to End up with Ill Feelings. xx

    • When we had first begun our relationship, it was somewhat the other way around, that's why I feel like something is different and I want to give her a chance, I just don't know what to do.

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    • Thank you for your insight

    • Thank you for the Like. Keep me posted, dear. xx

  • yes move on


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  • You said it yourself, whipped. Girls don't want a whipped boy, be a man. I've seen your advice/comments on her and thought, "he knows what he talking about" but then I read this and it's like you're not applying that wisdom to yourself.

    You have two options, keep it going but immediately stop bowing to her needs, and man up. You need to get her to chase you, at this point she already knows she has you and you are no challenge to her (boring). OR, just cut her off completely, make it quick and cold as possible, "We're never going to work out, bye." And make that the very last thing you ever say to her, while you focus your youth and energy on improving yourself so the next girl that comes along will not be able to resist your charms.

    • *advice/comments on here

    • Well, its a bit more complicated than that, perhaps whipped was a poor word to use. We've been through a lot together, its not that I'm bowing to her every need, I'm willing to put my foot down when I need to. The backlash is just ridiculous. I do still love her.

    • It really sounds like you're more into it than she is, and that's not good at all. I wasn't trying to be harsh just for the hell of it, it was to help you. I've been in that situation before and it hurts when the girl doesn't feel the same way. Right now your best course of action is to put the brakes on whatever it is you're doing because it's not working that well... she doesn't want to kiss you, that is a very bad sign.

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