Is she shy or doing a rejection?

Hello there, I would appreciate that you provide us guidance in such situation.

I've told my friend Paul that I like Laura. Both are best friends, nevertheless I assumed that by telling my feelings to Paul he would provide an outside help.

Lately, Laura has been avoiding me. Thus, I think that Paul told what I feel to Laura, which I didn't want to happen. This is only an assumption, hoping that I am wrong on this one. However, There's nothing other than that which could explain this weird situation.

Usually when we saw each other, we greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and all. However, now I feel like she's being distant.

Is it possible that she previously had a crush on me and she's shy? Is she indirectly turning me down?

What is happenning? Should I avoid her too? Should I distant myself and wait till she reaches out again by herself?

Thank you for your help.

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I need guidance, kindly drop some votes and comments. I don't know what to do at this point. Your help is essential, thank you.


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  • I think Paul told her. Although I don't know if she's rejecting you. Maybe she feels shocked or a little embarrassed because she doesn't know what she wants? I know when I was younger i was that way. Is she confident when she's dating anyone? If not then that's a possibility. I think you should talk to her, and as much as it may hurt, if it is a rejection let her know that you still care about her and you'll respect what she wants. It'll salvage the friendship if you want to keep her in your life.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      Socially speaking, I believe that she is confident enough in that field. I believe that she's confident enough to date someone, based on what I've seen.
      Nevertheless, it is more embarrassing for me to face her since my feelings have reached her being told by someone else instead of being the one to reveal them.
      I didn't know it would go that way to be honest.

      Moreover, I don't think that forcing an interaction is a good idea, don't you think so?
      If she is avoiding me on purpose, then shouldn't I give her some time/space and wait till she comes back and talk to me again by herself?

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    • Alright, thank you for your help.

      When I'll see her again, I'll see what my instincts are telling me. This time, I will stop thinking about it and go with the flow. I will follow my guts, it might turn up to be a good or bad decision however at this point I would have been able to say I did what I have to do :)

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  • If this guy Paul was best friends with Laura then I would guess that he told Laura how you feel because Paul also likes Laura. If I had to estimate, purely on my own experience, I would say that at least 90% of the time when a guy and a girl are best friends the guy is attracted to the girl. I wouldn't be surprised if Paul tld Laura in order to sabotage you, because he felt threatened. I would highly doubt that he would have told her in a good way.

    So now she is probably avoiding you because she feels awkward about it.

    Again, this is pure guesswork but it is quite a common scenario. Guys out there will know this only too well.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I would like to add that Paul has already a girlfriend so I believe that he has no interests in her. The relationship between Paul and his girlfriend looks perfectly fine, therefore I highly doubt that he has said something bad about me.

      Knowing all of this, what is another possible scenario that you can suggest please?