Is she shy or doing a rejection?

Hello there, I would appreciate that you provide us guidance in such situation.

I've told my friend Paul that I like Laura. Both are best friends, nevertheless I assumed that by telling my feelings to Paul he would provide an outside help.

Lately, Laura has been avoiding me. Thus, I think that Paul told what I feel to Laura, which I didn't want to happen. This is only an assumption, hoping that I am wrong on this one. However, There's nothing other than that which could explain this weird situation.

Usually when we saw each other, we greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and all. However, now I feel like she's being distant.

Is it possible that she previously had a crush on me and she's shy? Is she indirectly turning me down?

What is happenning? Should I avoid her too? Should I distant myself and wait till she reaches out again by herself?

Thank you for your help.
She's shy and doesn't know how to tell you that she feels the same
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She is rejecting you
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She is unsure about her feelings
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I need guidance, kindly drop some votes and comments. I don't know what to do at this point. Your help is essential, thank you.
Is she shy or doing a rejection?
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