Should I leave my new boyfriend to get back with my ex?

Me and my ex were together for 6 months. A lot of the time I was happy with him, but it was a challenge with his depression worsening and other things going on his life and he essentially ended up pushing me away, despite my efforts and patience. We both mutually agreed to break things off whilst he focused on himself, as dating wasn't a priority for him. It was a struggle to get over him, but I soon got used to the idea of us being friends and we kept in touch. Also, I didn't want to get my hopes again we'd get back together.

A month later, I start seeing someone new. We've been together nearly 2 months. Whilst I do like him, and he's a great guy, we're not exclusive.

My ex then asks if I wanted to meet him for a catch up. I agreed, as we're still friends and my romantic feelings for him had mostly gone (so I thought) So we meet up, and we have a great time catching up. My ex is still on hard medication for his depression, and he confesses he went on two dates but only out of boredom. He said he isn't the mindframe to date. I revealed I'd started seeing someone and he went really quiet and cut the evening short.

When he got home, he admitted he was very jealous and that he was truly sorry for all the time's he hurt me and he pushed me away (it wasn't necessarily his fault, as it was his depression) He said he didn't want us to talk for a while, as this news had upset him and he didn't want to ruin my chances with my new guy. I reluctantly accepted this, but I messaged him saying I now felt really conflicted and that I do still have feelings for him. He obviously still feels the same way. Even if I was single, I don't know if he would be open to dating me again, and if we did it'd have to be taken really slowly. I also don't want to mess around the new guy I'm seeing, plus I'm unsure how he feels about me. It doesn't feel very serious.

So yeah... my feelings for my ex have resurfaced, and I feel really strongly about him still. I don't know what to do.
Should I leave my new boyfriend to get back with my ex?
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