I Still Really Like Him - Help!?

This guy and I had a "fling" for about four or five months. We hung out a lot over thanksgiving/xmas break and I have only seen him once briefly since New Years. We have made out three times and cuddles numerous times and expressed a strong connection that really made me believe we really liked each other. We would always have intense, deep, hilarious, never ending talks late at night in person, on Facebook chat, and texts.

But then I had to delete my Facebook, go back to school an hour away(which wasn't a problem before), and we eventually stopped talking. It's been two or three months since we've had a legit conversation.

It's always been hard to see him because he's friends with my friend and I only get to see him when I am invited over for a group to hang out. We've been alone, but only cause we'd branch off from the group.. we've never made plans to hang out.

How do I talk to him?

I want to send him "I don't like that we don't talk anymore, how are things?"

or a song clip. I send him a clip of his fave song a few days ago and he loved it, but the conversation was short lived.


texting is the only way I have to communicate with him.


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  • hey..why don't you guys just confront ur friends with ur liking...tell them that you have feelings for each other then it would be easy for you guys to go out and spend sometime together...coz soomeday they would know it by any source. you can't hide these things...just gather some of ur confidence and tell ur friends about it. And you would have heard that honesty is the best policy...it is really in that case for you because you have to tell ur friends not ur parents.

    go ahead and have a good life

    • The friends know. Right now I am having issues with my friends inviting me and obviously that's affecting me and this guy.

  • personally if I were you, I would just ask him if he wanted to go with you next time you go to a party or some sort of social event...

    • I have tried. the first two times he seemed excited about it, but things always come up and cancel it. I just want to focus on talking to him right now so I can get to the point of inviting him somewhere and it not being insanely awkward. The one time we hung out since new years, it was really bad and it tears me apart that it's gotten this bad that we don't even talk to each other.

    • Well, I don't know then.

      if all you have is texting, then id just start hittin him up more regularly and just asking how his day was or something to that effect.

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