Any thoughts guys?

I'm actually someone who's afraid of commitment and such. Then, there's this guy asked me out and on a spur of moment i said yes. (well he said that he'll cure me or whatsoever). The things is, we've been going out for a year now and i don't think this relationship will work out. he's been really kind to me and he's okay with my cold savage side. infact, he fell hard for me. (damn like they said love is waayyy too blind). anyway, i don't want to hurt him anymore than this, and I've tried my best to love/like him back. (for the love of the god, I've really tried). I'm planning to put on an end of this. So what's the best time to say this thing? like should i wait for a moment and wait for the miracle to come? or just do it already?
Any thoughts guys?
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