Hopes of getting with girl I like going down rapidly after looking on social media, help?

There's this girl in my college class that I'm liking more and more as I'm gettting to know her, she gave me positive signs that she liked me but maybe I'm just mistaking friendly flirting and looking at me as something else I don't know, she told me to add her on social media but when I look at her account she has over 1000 followers, and I'm kind of feeling like giving up after looking at the comments, there must be minimum over 100 dudes wooing her saying how beautiful she is rapping to her, she responds to them flirting back and being all teasing and she told a good chunk of guys to message her, now many of you might be saying what's the problem I mean she isn't my girlfriend but I like her and the problem is that what's the purpose in trying when I'm having dudes who are my age to almost 30 years old who are established already and honestly have better physiques than I do taking vacations doing all sorts of stuff, other guys who have nice cars etc etc hitting on her and flirting with her not including the guys who I have to compete with in person who are hitting on her, I just feel like giving up, and I know it's hard because pretty much everybody has social media nowadays and i notice most girls pretty much have more followers and likes getting hit on not only in person but with social media they have who knows how many guys after them, so I know that I'm going to have this problem with any chick no matter where I go, I just feel frustrated to be honest, again any advise for an average joe?


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  • Yep better go somewhere else. Women desire 3 things: Looks, money, status (combination of these 3). If your really good looking and have potential a woman will be with you while you are building for the future. Else she will pick either Chad (6'0+ with nice face, and good body) and/or rich guy to be her SO.

    This is reality that both men and women need to come to term with. Women especially as they confuse a nigga wanting to fuck them as him willing to be in a relationship with her. It doesn't work like that girls. If you aren't in the top 10 of girls hollaring at him then he is going to use you as nothing more than a cum dumpster.


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