Should I end it or wait more?

I truly love this guy !! I've been knowing him for two years and we've been dating for 2 months... its not exclusive , he didn't ask me out , but we kiss and I let him touch me... he wants me to call him my boyfriend and he does say that I'm dating him but he's like when someone ask tell that this is a" complicated relationship" my friends tell me that when he comes back this time... he might ask me out and make it official :3 but the sad part it he joined the navy 3 months ago.. and its really hard to keep contact with him and I get to see him every 2 months and when he's back I get to see him only for a day ! Because my parents dont allow dating :( I love him and I miss him all the time... even though he can't call he said he could send a text saying that he can't call if he's too busy... but he doesn't really stick to his promises :/ he tells me he loves me so much and he think about me every time :3 I love him soo much that it hurts to stay away from him... but I know I can't marry a guy like him because he'll be away all the time and that if I need him he won't be able to come ASAP... when I tell him this he's like "baby it'll be much easier soon and it'll get better and that he can be there for me!!(I don't know how)" what should I do, I want to let go but I don't have the heart to leave someone hanging... and HE'S MY FIRST BOYFRIEND :'( ?


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  • It's not really a relationship if he isn't with you and he didn't make it official before going did he? It doesn't appear that important to him so why try to force it or wait around to never see him? Be smart about it.

    • The day he was gonna leave we met and I told him that he we need to end this... but he kept hestating it ! He kept kissing me so many times it was like a message telling me to not let go of him :/ but then I was like I can't keep waiting for him I gave him my one last kiss hugged him and I left... but in the evening min before his departure he sent a picture of my hairclip he had taken from me and he was like... I'm keeping this never gonna let go :3 and then we end up talking about the day and hadn't stop till today :/ all my friends are like I deserve better from a guy and seeing my friends have their boyfriends around makes me so sad... and especially the way I see my friends get treated is just soo sweet but I get nothing like that... just a phone call everyday for 20 minutes... I was even able to send him a card for his birthday to the camp thought he would right back but he didn't... so like there's ups and downs here...

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    • Thank you... I broke up with him a few minutes ago :/ goshhhh that was soo hard

    • Try to keep a clear head about why you did 😊

  • if he truly loves you I think you should wait until he visits you, see how you feel when he visits.

    • I don't know if he truly loves me... or keeping me around so he could have me every time he comes back :3