Girls, does my girlfriend want a guy with a bigger dick if I'm only 5 inches and about 4.5 girth?

My girlfriend and I have been together 7 years off and on and she's cheated on me twice and both guys just "happened" to have much bigger dicks than me. She said the one guy was really thick, like 6.5 inches around or something like that with a 8 inch length. The last guy was a security guard she worked with and she said he was also 7 inches in length and about an inch thicker than I am (I'm 5 inches length, 4.5 girth).


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  • If she cheated on you twice and she's telling you the sizes of these other guys seems to me yes find someone else hun


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  • Get a next girl that would enjoy riding on your dick she cheated on you twice then tells you about the size of the other guy.

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