Can I have anwsers please?

A while back my boyfriend had said "if we ever broked up he would never have sex with another girl."
Well today i had ask him if he ever broked up with me would he date OR have sex with another girl.
He told me he would never date another girl, but didn't anwser the other question but instead changed the subject!!! I tried looking up the anwser on google and couldnt find any information.

Could you tell me why he was avoiding the question?
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You know what i think is so funny, just girls anwsered the question. Lmfao!!!

But after i asked that question, he then texted me back... so how about you guys just stop replying, got my anwser. Thxs for y'all options. Have a wouderful day.

Suck more dick for me while you at it!!!
Can I have anwsers please?
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