Can I have anwsers please?

A while back my boyfriend had said "if we ever broked up he would never have sex with another girl."
Well today i had ask him if he ever broked up with me would he date OR have sex with another girl.
He told me he would never date another girl, but didn't anwser the other question but instead changed the subject!!! I tried looking up the anwser on google and couldnt find any information.

Could you tell me why he was avoiding the question?

You know what i think is so funny, just girls anwsered the question. Lmfao!!!

But after i asked that question, he then texted me back... so how about you guys just stop replying, got my anwser. Thxs for y'all options. Have a wouderful day.

Suck more dick for me while you at it!!!


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  • If you guys break up, he 100% will date or have sex with another girl. It may not be tomorrow or the next year. But it will happen eventually. Unless he becomes a celibate monk for the rest of his life.

    • Huh I didn't know you knew my boyfriend. When you guys meet?
      Also you do realize my boyfriend is not like other boys. If thats the case, he would lost his virginity at 10. he's 25 now and he lost his virginity at 23... to me!!! His words was "there was a lot of girls who wanted to fuck me and there was a lot of girls I wanted to fuck, I didn't fuck them cause it didn't feel right and I was never planning on spen

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    • @greycadillacs of course he won't! His dick is chained to her heart!!

    • @KatherineWilliams Ohhhh you're right. His balls are in a locket around her neck.

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  • Because he is OBVIOUSLY going to have sex and date another person if you break up! And so will you! There is no way that you are going to only desire and love each other if you break up -_-

    • there's no way? Da fuck!!! You do realize when people break up they miss each other so much they end up getting back 2gether with each other? And also u telling me what i am or am not going to do? Girl byeeee.

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    • Wasted their time? they chose to reply, I didn't ask them to. And logical? You guys dont even know him, but you sit here and act like you do.

    • If you only wanted opinions from people who know him you should not be on GaG. But if even one person was stupid enough to say that he would never sleep with another girl you would say that they're right even though they wouldn't know your boyfriend. I pity him for having to deal with all these insecurities you have

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  • If you ever broke up its none of your business what he does so don't ask stupid questions.

    • What a fucking bitch. I asked a simple question. And i asked it b4 he texted me back saying "if i broked up with you ill be to depressed to have sex with another girl." he cries cuz he's afraid im going to leave him, i dont think he will do that. Its a question. And trust me if he was going 2 leave me he would already have.

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    • hahaha insecure much?

    • Yep.

  • Because obviously any of us would have sex again?

    • Not me. I lost my virginity to him and he lost his to me. I don't know about him... BUT I WILL NEVER DATE NOR FUCK ANOTHER BOY IF WE BROKED UP. lmfao.

    • Probably not for a while.. but at some point, needs take over.

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