What is the next step? (Or is there one)?

My friend's mom is the pastor for the campus ministry in a nearby school, and sometimes I attend the meetings and events.
At one of these events, I met this guy. I will call him Bob.
The first time that I met Bob we talked for a while, and found him to be attractive. I attended another meeting of his a week later, and then requested him on Facebook. I messaged him saying it was nice to see him again, and he said likewise and that he enjoyed the dessert that I had bought, but it didn't look like he wanted to continue the conversation, so I said see you next week.
Due to freak circumstances (I was in a bunch of accidents this semester), I wasn't able to attend the ministry as much as I would like. However, one of the events I did attend, we talked briefly. The other he offered to walk me from my car to the rink (we went to a hockey game). While we were there, he was on one side of our group, and he was on the other. He eventually came on the other side of the group to the other side, and asked "so what do you know about hockey?" We talked for a little bit, but I did not want to make it too obvious.
Later on, I emailed him to ask for help for a sermon I delivered this past week, which he replied and was a big help to the sermon writing process.
While I am unsure whether or not he likes me, I do want to get to know him better in a dating setting, such as going out for a coffee or fro yo or something. However, I am unsure if asking him to do so would be too weird, or even awkward, since we will have to see each other in the gathering if it doesn't work out? And, for that matter, I am unsure whether or not he is interested in doing so?
Basically, I want to know whether or not I should ask him for a coffee or not, in addition to whether or not he may hold some interest.
What is the next step? (Or is there one)?
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