Mistletoe, first kiss?

So I met this guy a couple months back and we have messaged each other every single day. We've been on 10 dates (20 if we include the weekly salsa class we go to - which is where we met)! Always lots of hugs and whenever we're sat somewhere, he always his his arm/leg/knee/shoulder resting against mine. But he hasn't kissed me yet. He said he's 'letting me set the pace, if a pace is to be set'. But I've never kissed anyone so I really would prefer him to just go for it and kiss me!

But I was thinking, since it's nearly Christmas, could I use mistletoe to get him to do it? Like pull it out of my pocket when he's giving me a hug goodbye in the car or something? (he always drives me home). Or is that a stupid idea? Oh and I'm 25, he's 29.


  • Yes, definitely use the mistletoe! :)
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I'm seeing him tomorrow so I've decided to go for it!

Wish me luck!!


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  • If you can Find the Feeling to Wait until Christmas... Hang some Mistletoe and Go. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence and Good Luck and Happy New yYar, dear!! xxoo

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  • That sounds adorable.

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