Why do so many men think women have high standards?

I'm well aware there's women out there that do, but I keep seeing men generalizing this and assuming ALL women have high standards because they got rejected by a hot girl, or even when a friend gets rejected. It's like "nope all women have high standards" while most of us don't.

I think most of our standards are standards that men have too.
be funny
be attractive (to me)
not be creepy

These are the standards I assume everyone has. But men always say "women have such high standards!!" And when I ask them to name them, nothing.

When I take a look at men's standards, I've heard these:
has to be curvy and skinny
has to wear make up but be beautiful without it
has to have style
not be slutty

I'm not saying this applies to all men AT ALL, but why do so many seem to think our standards are that high? Are they just insecure?
They have experienced women with high standards
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They are insecure
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Why do so many men think women have high standards?
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