Does it sound like she's interested in me or just being friendly?

There's this girl I talk with every day on Facebook. We've not met yet (she added me with this other girl she's friends with) and I'm in a group chat with them. This girl is the only one talking in the chat - the other's pop up now and then. Anywhooooo, she'll tell me personal info about herself, such as we talk about her anxiety, she'll tell me what it was like for her growing up with it etc. I have anxiety issues too. If ever I'm feeling anxious she'll be their to chat, likewise with her. She'll send me photos of her cat's looking cute, selfies of her which are out of the blue a lot of times, looking cute etc. When she's out she'll send short little videos of things that are going on around her. Or if she's on a night out with friends etc. She seems to open up to me about her awkwardness. She's quite shy/introverted. She'll vent to me about her uni house mates she lives with, her folks etc. Few times she's initiated the conversation. By sending memes she finds funny etc. Her friend referred to me as their "bae" a few times.

We were talking once, about what we wanted out of a relationship and that we seemed to be similar. She's told me that she's attracted to guys with a child like energy ( which I have)


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  • I would say she likes you! Congrats dude!


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