If you have a perfect relationship with someone does that mean they are right for you? Even if not in love with them but have strong feeling for them?

But strong feeling i mean more then just a friend, like the feeling are their, they are somewhat strong. But not close too the feeling your looking for.


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  • Hmm. I'll be honest with you. That electrifying feeling you may have felt with an ex was primarily lust and just puppy love (unless you guys dated more than a year.) I know because I felt the same.

    When you're in love it won't be a huge slap to the face or the intense hallelujah moment you thought (or I thought lol.) It's more of the amount of effort you are willing to put in to stay with this person.
    Can you picture your life without this person? Can you get over losing them easily? Would you accept their flaws just to be with them?

    I'm not telling you to settle, but I don't want you to keep lookin for something you may never find. Sure the excitement with the ex (an example) was great, but it fades fast. Commitment is more important for a longterm relationship.

    I hope I was somewhat helpful. Let me know if you have questions! I know I word things weird.

    • Oh also, that excitement is some reason men go off and cheat before they realize what they had. Be careful with that. There's always ways to bring excitement into you and your current gf's life!

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    • I completely understand that. Right now I am dating a guy I've known for 10 years, and I still question if it's love. I'm happy with him but I get why you feel like you're looking for something you may not find.

    • I been looking for the feeling my ex made me feel for along whike but also soemthing more aka that feeling but in a healthy relationship.

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  • well actually, in a relationship its good to fight somtimes, not all the time but sometims

    • Will do have small light arguments about driving etc but nothing big or that not fixed in under 10min. But am talking about not feeling strongly enough about them. Like you wre in love with a ex you date and how they made u feel was out of this world. But with the curremt boyfriend you love them but its not intense or even close to what u had with ex.

    • well I dont know, sorry

    • Will thank u for your input

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