Is this sound advice in trying to get closer with this girl?

Some background first:

She usually responds to all of my messages, but hasn't this last time. Maybe just swamped with work, given end of the semester, and her jobs.
It's been almost 4 days since I sent it.

Usually when we spoke, it is more of a rigid conversation, where we kept to stuff we were comfortable with. Where it is usually Work, School or EMT Stuff (Which we both have an interest in)

So this is what a friend told me to do: (Sounds fine to me, but who knows)

Just talk about your day, but make it interesting. Any little thing can turn into a good talking point if you're invested enough into it. Ask her about hers, but be specific. Don't just ask "how was your day?" ask "How did [valid activity you know she does] go today?" Get to know her, start off with broad things that aren't intrusive and if she likes you she'll let you in and start discussing more. Communication is key: try to talk every day, but don't be pushy. Don't always start off convos with questions, talk about something neat you've done/seen/heard recently and be enthusiastic about it. If she's into you she'll talk. Give it a week or two (time is hard, I know) and ask her if she wants to hang out, pick a specific thing to do / see / listen to / check out together. Nothing too personal. You're still just friends. If that works out, you're almost in. More communication. More talking. Give it some time again (a week or two, difficult, I know) and ask her out on a date. Make it clear you had a good time hanging out with her, you enjoy talking to her so often, and this is absolutely a date.


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  • Your friend sounds very smart. ^-^ Best of luck with that.

    • Probably gonna follow his advice then, starting tomorrow...

      Any other small tips building on it?

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    • Well, I texted her asking how her first shift (s) at the Fire Department were.

      Lets see if that helps with getting anywhere with her

    • In case you are curious, she did kinda agree to meet up over break (Said "We can always give it a shot")

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