Should I Go Out With Her?

This Monday at my High School there was this girl who was introduced as a new student in one of my classes and she was seated right next to me. Throughout class she kept staring at me and then asked me for my name. When I told her she was overjoyed and began hugging me and talking to me about things as if we knew each other. She claims that me and her used to play together a long time ago I'm guessing we were both around the ages of 5 years old, but it's odd I don't remember her at all and I guess it's not that odd that she remembers me by name alone because it can't be by looks. For the rest of the day she was talking nonstop and following me throughout the school even to my locker and telling me about stuff we did those years ago but I was really quiet about everything and just responded with one word or nodded since I really do not remember her at all. At the end of the day she caught up to me while I was walking home, apparently we take the same route and she asked to hang out after school on Wednesday.

Then comes Wednesday she was wearing not a ton of makeup but quite a bit and this really short skirt but I'm in control of my hormones unlike my perverted brother who would've dropped at the sight of this. We went to the park and sat under this tree she starts telling me personal things like how her Father is this drunk and her ex boyfriend used to beat on her, she told me that a few years ago she had problems with cutting. While she was telling me all these things she started getting closer and closer towards me until eventually she was all over my left leg and her head on my shoulder. I'm single but this is all really sudden and I already told her that I forgot who she was. She did make the comment that it was like were on a date and I tried to laugh it off but she was really serious. When I walked her home she kissed me on the cheek and that was it. Things have been going to same at school with me and her almost like were best friends.

I can see I'm getting troll responses aside from Iron Man who seems to signal that someone else will possibly get her if I don't act. Can someone recommend any other sites I can use for reliable help?


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  • You better if not I will lol

  • Pics or this didn't happen. I'm kind of tired of these troll question where the girl is clearly into you but you just not sure and need to write it on gag for validation and confirmation.

    • I'm tired of people assuming that questions on a website meant for these type of questions are troll questions. Although I guess I can understand if you actually ran into tons on this site but if this is a troll question then every other question on this site is a troll question. I by no means wrote this on a gag other wise I wouldn't have edited it. I also doubt you actually read it and perhaps you are trolling yourself. Also I would like a explanation of how I'm supposed to get pics of something like this? Would that no be illegal?

    • Because i notice a lot of these type of question where it basically comes down to "This girl is rubbing her ass on my crotch. Does she like me gag?"

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