Girl: What are you doing on a ordinary weekend?

Hanging out with friends, party?

If you're staying home, what you're doing then...most likely?


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  • Sometimes hang out with my friends... go to the movies, go walking around, just hanging out. Whatever.

    Other than that, I sleep a LOT. Till like 11-12:30 at least. I listen to music a lot too, and go on the computer. Watch TV if there's anything good on. Read. I also go on walks/bike rides a lot, not really going anywhere. So yeah, just random boring crap mostly.

    • Thats cool. about same things as I do=)

      Im also a great sleeper. Lol

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  • unfortunately work and home work, then practice my sax. Whoop de doo :)

  • WORK AND HOMEWORK! YEAR 12 is hell

    • Indeed the 12th year was a mare for me too. =)

      *hard workers are gold getters" lol

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    • So true.

      By the way, the "new prec(si)edent" alright? =P lol

      I wish you good luck with everything ;)

    • Yes I cannot complain all the time :P

      thank you. Sometimes the end of year exams really do come to luck

  • Hanging out with friends. Usually going to the gym on saturday to play b-ball or v-ball and if not doign that I'm goign out shopping. And then Sunday is just day.

  • hanging out with friends, shopping, and spending time with my boyfriend


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