Why would he ask me out, then stand me up?

So, I met this guy in NYC at a club about a month and a half ago, and exchanged numbers. The next day he texts me, and asks me if I really want to see him, or if I'm just saying I do. And I did really want to see him, I would've loved to gone out on a date with him. Of course I didn't tell him that, I just said yeah, I'd like to go out with you one day. We live in different states, me in pa, him in NY, so it made things a little more difficult. Anyway, we both had plans to go on vacations the first weeks of April , so we wouldn't be in contact for a few weeks. When he came back, he told me he wanted to see me, so we made plans for him to come over for the weekend. So, Friday comes, I send him a text asking him when he was leaving, and I get no answer.. It's Sunday, I haven't texted or called him, and he hasn't me. He's been the one to text me all the time, telling me he wants to take me to all these crazy places, and do all these crazy things, and that he hasn't been with anyone since he met me. And then he has the nerve to stand me up, when he was the one to ask me out! I don't understand. Please, someone enlighten me.


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  • There's a red flag that's quite apparent to me:
    - He made out with you, and exchanged numbers later; only to ask later if you truly liked him and weren't just leading him on.

    This is a sign of the type of guy(s) that are unsure of what they want; they go out looking for a fun time to fill space; not necessarily because they are interested.

    There is some positive light to this situation though; you both are still communicating. So it doesn't mean that he is ignoring you. Keep that in mind because you had mentioned in your question that you really wanted to see him too; it's likely that he doesn't have the same genuine desire as yourself.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • guys who have a lot of different girls and can't keep track of them do this. put him on IGNORE

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