What does he mean that he isn't ready to meet?

I met a guy (A) online, we have been texting (no phone calls) for 2 months now - him initiating most of the time. We have busy schedules and I said we should meet, but he will brush it off with 'of course, soon' , but no follow up. I believe if someone was into you, they would make the time to meet the person that they were talking to. I was going away for 2 weeks and, he will be away for 2 weeks after, so basically we won't get a chance to see each other for a month. (3 months total by then).

He msged me when I was away and I said I'll talk to him when I'm back. Today, he said something really weird and I don't understand it. He was leaving and wanted to say he will see me when he is back. I said I hope so.

A: Do you really hope to see me soon? :)
Me: Of course, why? It feels like I'm a pen pal, unless that's what you are looking for.
A: Yes when we are ready :) I have faith
Me: What do you mean when we are ready?
A: When we are ready to meet. I think meeting too early sometimes kills the opportunity to know the other person
Me: Well it also is a decider whether to continue talking to the person or not too
A: Yes but just in our case I think we will meet soon or at least I hope so :) don't go meeting too many people from the app ok ;) I saw that you changed your photos
Me: Honestly, I've only been talking to you consistently. But don't let that boost your ego and I've deleted the app.
A: Haha ok :) Well I did send you a text saying I want to see you soon didn't I ;)

What does he mean about being ready? He makes me sound like it's going to be serious, and that it's better to know each other by texting first. Surely, it's better to meet the person in real and have the first date? What is he playing at? Why the barriers. Is he scared of me or something?
What does he mean that he isn't ready to meet?
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